Kools Consulting - Internet system and application design, Terabyte scale analytics processing.

Kools Consulting

Our emphasis is on building what is needed - no more and no less.

Kools Consulting provides full service Internet application development with a specialization in terabyte scale analytics and data processing solutions. From concept to deployment, our team of industry experts works with your business the way you need them and when you need them. Your business controls, priorities and requirements drive our team, always.

We bring expertise in high volume Internet applications, database architecture and operations and predictive analytics solutions. Our primary environment is a LAMP open source deployment. We have extensive development, operations and administration expertise with MySql and Aster Data nCluster. We have created complex analytics systems integrating KXEN, Mysql, nCluster and Perl for model training, analytic record scoring and targeting.

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Why Kools Consulting?

  • Focus
  • We are focused on solving your specific business requirement.
  • Accountability
  • We build what is needed on time and on budget, every time.
  • Creativity
  • We bring a fresh perspective and a "can-do" attitude.
  • Big Savings
  • Outsourcing lowers the overall cost to your business.
  • Expert Team
  • Our team of seasoned professionals have many years of Web, analytics processing, security and application experience.
  • Proven
  • From concept to deployment, our team of experts have designed and deployed numerous applications, with great success.